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My cooperation with Leonie Löwenherz

It was somewhere in October 2014 when I had dinner with a friend, when she was distracted by her mobile phone, scrolling through some photos on Instagram. In the corner of my eye I saw a woman I liked from the very first beginning, and asked my friend who she is - Leonie Löwenherz was her answer, a fashion blogger near Heidelberg, Germany. 

One e-mail later and a meeting by chance in a coffee shop in Heidelberg we had our first photo shooting in January 2015 with amazing results, both for Leonie and myself. 

Today, we see each other at least every two weeks and I am proud that most of her outfit photos are now made by me. Thank you, Leonie. Here are some nice shots of the past.

I invite you to check out Leonie's blog or to follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Leonie Löwenherz Best Of

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