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Aerial Photography

With drones becoming more and more popular I decided to give it a chance as well. I had my first experience with drones during a trip with Pavel Kaplun to Montenegro in 2015, it was very interesting but I hesitated to buy one as it isn't considered to be cheap and the number of occasions you can use it are limited. Nevertheless I ended up with buying one now, mainly to use it for my upcoming trip to Iceland in October/November, and I wanted to learn to fly before.

My first experience tells me that it is a lot of fun to take pictures from a perspective you normally cannot see, on the other hand flying always comes a bit with shaky hands as there is a lot of money up there and a simple bird can kill it. Additionally, the attached cameras aren't that great if you are used to professional camera gear like my D810 I use. But I use it as an experience, have some fun and to decide if this is something I really want to do in the next years. Then I would buy professional stuff. Let's see. For now, enjoy my first fun photos!

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