Copyright - using and/or buying my photos

I am really glad if you like some of my photos and are interested in using them. As all photos are my own work and copyrighted please don't use them without my permission

If you are interested in one of my photos please get in touch with me via the contact form on the left. I usually don't charge private use of my photos (e.g. for Facebook, desktop wallpaper etc.) but I simply want to have control where I sent them to. Additionally, all photos have a watermark with my logo on it which should never be removed.

In case you need a photo for business reasons or without my logo, e.g. for hanging it on a wall, in a hotel room, in a lobby of your company or your company's web site, I am happy to assist you with reasonable prices for my photos. I can help you with getting them printed as well, I usually work with Whitewall for printing my photos as they offer best-in-class quality.

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