Switzerland (August 2016/April 2017)

In August 2016, my good friend and photographer Dane Vetter and I visited Switzerland for one week, with a one day trip to Italy. I guess I have never slept so little during "vacation" (if you can call it vacation), but it was so rewarding as I have seen things I never saw before.

Especially the Milky Way, which you can see with your bare eyes (!), is something really special. It lets you forget about the negative degrees around you while you are staring at the sky.

Last, the Stelvio Pass, famous through Top Gear as well, is an astonishing road especially during sunrise. Have a look at my favorite images.

In April 2017 Dane and I decided to go to Switzerland again, taking photos of the Milky Way, but the weather was pretty bad so we basically could only take some shots of sunrise and sunset. Anyway, the photos did work out pretty well in the end.

August 2016

April 2017

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