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10. Important spots for your photos

The best is always at the end in my travel guides. :) Keep in mind that this is my view, others might recommend different locations, but I guess the majority will be the same. I will start with a rough overview of Iceland and where the great spots are, then I will guide you through all of these spots and show you what you can expect. I will constantly update this list after each travel to Iceland as I try to find new places as well. 


Under construction


under construction


The Bruarfoss is an awesome waterfall, and I think currently my favorite one. It's basically a circle collapsing in the middle, and I made a very famous photo there directly into the middle of that circle.


But the Bruarfoss is not easy to find. Here's the map showing the Bruarfoss, at least it is located in Google Maps, but as you can see, there's no street next to it, and no sign, no parking lot. You have to go there by foot, it will take you about 15 minutes from the street I marked below. There's no direct path leading to Bruarfoss, but you will find your way to get there.

No parking lots or streets next to it, but you can walk over there


It's years ago that this airplane from the US Navy has crashed on Iceland. While it was a very hidden secret in the beginning where the plane is located, now everybody knows it and you will hardly be alone when you take your photos there. What I hate most about it that so many people marked and scratched on the airplane, inserting their names etc. I will never understand why people do this instead of protecting the original state.

Anyway, as it is no secret anymore, here are the GPS coordinates to get there: 63.459523,-19.364618. You can insert them directly in Google Maps and you will know where it will be. If you use the ring route you have to turn right after you have crossed a bigger river, and normally you see people already around there. A 4x4 car is needed, especially during winter, but in summer as well, otherwise you will get stuck. You cannot see the plane from the ring route, it is too far away, and the drive will take you about 10-15 minutes depending on weather conditions until you will see it.


It's hard to describe a waterfall when it doesn't have a name. Luckily it is so easy to find that you can't miss it, the only issue is that you might just drive by and don't want to stop. Don't miss this waterfall, it's amazing and I spent hours there. This is my favorite image coming out of it, the ring route being in my back.

One of my favorite waterfalls, having no name at all

So how do you find it? It's easy, it is directly next to the ring route, when you drive counter-clockwise it will be on the left. Here's a map where you can see it, a pretty wide area map on the left (waterfall is the red mark) and a close one on the right. 

How to find this no name waterfall

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