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3. Inform Yourself Where To Go

That should be a low brainer, but I have to add it as well. Additionally as you are in Italy and things might change. For example, there’s a bell tower on San Giorgio Maggiore where you have a beautiful view over Venice, but when I arrived the employee said “we will open in 30 minutes, maybe”. And when I returned he was gone with a sign “closed for construction” with no clue how long this will last. But the view over Venice can be fantastic, as this shot during winter shows.

Sunset at the bell tower of San Giorgio Maggiore in winter

Another famous place is, of course, the Basilica San Marco, but be prepared to wait 1-3 hours in summer and up to 1 hour in winter as queues really get long. For photographers it’s not worth visiting as taking photos is forbidden, you even aren’t allowed to take a backpack with you. But the bell tower next to it though just took me 10 minutes on a Saturday morning to enter with stunning views over Venice, so keep an eye on queues and use your time. Again, this spot is closed for capturing sunrise or sunset, so this is a daytime spot only.

Piazza San Marco from the nearby bell tower

I recommend that you get a light tracking app for your cell phone as well. What I usually did is checking with a light tracking app where the sunrise or sunset will be to a specific point in time. Mine is called "LightTrac" and cost about €5. I have a second one called "Sun Seeker" where you can use the augmented reality feature to see where the sun will go down, directly on the image you might want to take. This is how it looks, you can see where the sun will go down, at about 5.30 pm, the final image is two photos above. This makes it easier to plan your trip. Only the weather can be unpredictable.

Sun Seeker App on top of the bell tower at San Giorgio Maggiore

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