Travel Guide Venice - Page 5

5. Get Up Early

We all know that the best light for photos is around sunrise and sunset. This is especially true for Venice, as the light gets really harsh during daytime which makes it hard to take good photos. For me, getting up early is not easy, especially in summer when sunrise is so early. But you get something for it – perfect light, no tourists, almost no people at all! San Marco’s place actually looks quite appealing when being abandoned. Wandering around Venice without these masses coming from cruise ships, arriving in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon, is amazing and you will see this city with different eyes.

Piazza San Marco during blue hour

Of course, photographers know that best light is early, and regardless where you go, Venice is too famous for you to be the only photographer at a good sunrise spot. Get used to it and have a chat with them, sometimes you get really helpful insider advices. And if 10 photographers are photographing the same spot, try turning around and do something different. You will certainly get their attention and different photos (of course, not applicable for all places). Especially on Accademia bridge, a nice (and well-known) sunrise spot, photographers tend to concentrate more on the side facing the sunrise, although the opposite direction looks gorgeous during sunrise, too (see below, the "opposite" side). This photo hangs in my apartment in Heidelberg, by the way.

The other side of Accademia bridge

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