Travel Guide Venice - Page 6

6. Getting Lost

Getting lost is not difficult in Venice. In fact, I promise you will get lost even with a map or a smart phone when you are heading for a specific spot as streets are tiny, buildings are high and GPS won't work properly. Don’t get angry if you get lost, enjoy it! It’s the best thing which can occur to you as you will see Venice from different angles. Less tourists, small canals and back alleys one more beautiful than the other. This is the time where you will put out your camera regularly and take photos en masse. Although day time is not the best time for photos, there are nice spots at this time, too, when alleys are completely in shadow or you are focusing on little details. I recommend to get lost at least once a day in a sestiere of your choice to get to know Venice even better. On my first day I explored San Polo, the sestiere in the west of Rialto bridge, and it took me ages to get to the train station where I wanted to start my journey.

Getting lost though can be tough when you want to be at a certain spot in time. Don’t worry, leave the hotel a bit earlier and if possible take a water bus to the nearest station is my advice to you.

Anyway, getting lost can lead to great photos, like the one below. I had no clue where I have ended up there, but something very special came out of cam here!

The result of getting lost can be quite appealing

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