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10. Finally - where to take your photos

Venice offers you tons of great locations where to take amazing pictures and during sunrise when no one is around, even the famous and touristic spots could lead to some nice pictures. When I started preparing my trip, I created a Google map and entered all the spots where I wanted to go, clustered by the time when I needed to go there (see map below). This was a great starting point for planning my day to day trips, and it turned out that I visited a lot of these places several times a week.

As explanation, blue circles mark blue hour spots, so shortly before sunrise or after sunset. Yellow stars mark sunrise spots, whereas red stars mark sunset spots. Finally, black circles show spots where you can take photos when it is dark. The little violet square was my hotel in summer.

My Google Maps preparation - see final Lightroom map for more

The must-see places as a photographer would be the following, clustered by the time you have to be there. Let's start with the time before and at sunrise:

1. First, Accademia Bridge is a famous place to capture the sunrise. There are always other photographers as this spot is really famous. Turn around as well and don't only take the photo of the famous side facing the sun. In summer the bridge can get crowded with 10+ photographers so go there quite early, in winter you only spot 3-4 of them and there's more space.

2. Second, Piazza San Marco and the water front with all the gondolas is extremely famous. When you do a long time exposure the gondolas get a bit blurry which looks amazing during sunrise. Before sunrise, during blue hour, don't forget to take photos of Piazza San Marco, it is nearly empty and looks gorgeous! Especially the way towards the water front with the lamps look very romantic.

Let's move to the sunset and the time afterwards.

1. Here the most famous spot is the Rialto Bridge, but as you might have seen in my portfolio, there is no photo taken there. Well, the main reason is that this area is under construction since I have been there twice, with no chance to take any photos (tourists might still do this, but as a professional photographer, this is just not worth a shot). That's why I left it out of my map so far, which doesn't mean that photos can't be great when construction is finished.

2. Second, and this is an insider tip, the bell tower at San Giorgio Maggiore is great to capture the sunset. If you are lucky you can see the Alps in the back as well. Normally I would recommend this spot for sunrise as well, but the bell tower opens pretty late (after 8 am) so this is too late. Be prepared that you have to leave shortly after sunset in winter as well, sunset was at about 5.30 pm and you needed to leave by 5.45 pm. But as I have said in the beginning, check opening times when you are there, they differ a lot. Be aware that tripods are not allowed on top of the tower, anyway space is limited and it will be hard to expand your tripod. There is only one vaporetto going there (#2), leaving at S. Zaccharia.

3. Cannaregio has some beautiful bridges where you can capture the sunset. Get yourself a light tracking app and you can see when the sun will be exactly in the middle of the canal at what bridge. In August almost all bridges very great, in February it was hard to find one at all.

4. A spot I loved very much during sunset was the bridge at Ferrovia, the train station, with having the sun in your back. You won't see the sun, but it casts nice colors on the sky during sunset you don't want to miss.

5. Next, Burano, the island a bit north of Venice, has some potential to capture sunset. It's not the ultima ratio spot, but spending one sunset over there can be pretty appealing. Have a look at my gallery on Venice to see how Burano looks during sunset.

During the day the light is normally to harsh to take photos, anyway, especially after rain walk through the city and look for nice reflections in puddles. The water front at Castello for example was great.

Finally, I want to share the Lightroom map with you where you can see all photos I took during my trips to Venice. I highlighted the areas where I took amazing photos for you, don't miss them and be there to the right time. And ask questions, I am happy to help!

Lightroom Map of all my photos in Venice

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